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Yiyo Le!:

The brand of YIYO LE! commends the Xhosa culture, a society with traditions so rich, they deserve to be celebrated everyday.

UMQOQO – The diamond mesh pattern inside the text on the t-shirts is called Umqoqo. This pattern together with the dot pattern is carved onto the hand grip of the Intonga – fighting and hunting sticks – by the elders. These sticks are given to initiates undergoing initiation into manhood. The umqoqo pattern symbolizes support and a strong foundation– echoing the Yiyo le’s mission of maintaining a strong identity.

YIYO LE! means many things in the Xhosa language (isixhosa). “This is it”, “Here it is”, “This is the real thing”. YIYO LE! is announcing the first authentic representation of traditional (amaxhosa) cultural symbols.

The YIYO LE! logo represents a grass hut (ibhoma) by a river. Xhosa people (amaxhosa) value the symbolic act of “passing” from one stage to the next. Many of these traditional ceremonies require the use of the ibhoma for seclusion and the river for cleansing and passing to the next stage of life.

This evolving Xhosa culture calls for connecting the new with the old. By designing wearable symbols, we are reminded of the identity, the history, and the pride of the Xhosa people.