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A good place to start.
What are we doing?
Why are we doing it?
What difference would you like to make when we have done what we need to do?

Most good projects have a plan. Not always design plan but usually a solid business plan. There are many large design companies that employ design strategists. Design strategists help point the designers and the client in the right direction before the designing begins. By working this way, it means you will be delivered the design work according to the paperwork written by the strategist. This all makes sense.

But we don’t have any full time strategists. We don’t have any because we like to do our own research into the history of a brand, an identity or a product category and do some logical thinking about the work we will present. That’s what we do.

I have never worked with a design strategist as I believe that a good design company will be able to take you through a design process that will make sense. And common sense at that. From start to finish. It will sit perfectly within your business plan or marketing strategy. We don’t do smoke and mirrors. If you are from the land of academia, then perhaps a solid bunch of graphs and stats is the way you prefer working and you are most comfortable with.

If you like ticking boxes first, that’s okay with us.

Conceptual work adds huge value to a piece of design, whether it be in a corporate brand identity or a jar full of pickles. It means there is an IDEA behind your product and this is what draws the consumer into your product or business. A good idea last for a long, long time and is memorable. It helps create a cleverness, a uniqueness about the brand or product.

There are more products on the market today than there was yesterday, and there will be more tomorrow. And they’re all fighting for that one trolly you push around the supermarket.

So how will you get a consumer to change brands? What more can you offer them?

This is where a good idea comes in…

Having spent 20 years in advertising and 11 in design, craft is something I learnt the old fashioned way, hour by hour. No matter how long it takes to finish a piece of work, it will not be leaving At Pace until we are proud enough to put our name to it.

Our studios motto is “Mediocrity is Expensive”. We make sure this is not the kind of work we produce. Its a dangerous place to be … mediocre.

As an artist on the side, it gives me great pleasure when we can produce a piece of art for a brand or label. Our cupboards are full of etching materials, scraper boards, lino-cutting tools watercolours and more. Typography gets the same amount of care as does the art.

Craft is a slow process of giving the work and brand its elegance and finesse.